Jake Dawkins

Written by Jake Dawkins, who is a senior product engineer at Carbon Health. Previously, he maintained the Apollo CLI & Editor Extensions. He's a private pilot, ameteur woodworker, speaker, and all-around serial hobbyist. You should follow him on Twitter

OSS From My Eyes

Feb 28 2021

Notes from a guest lecture I gave on open source projects

I'm Moving

May 11 2020

Life update: I'm moving back to South Carolina

GraphQL Tooling

Oct 01 2019

[SLIDES] GraphQL has always promised a development experience like no other through advanced and easy-to-use tooling. But have we reached that point yet? In this talk, I discussed the state of GraphQL tooling, how to get the most out of GraphQL, and what could be improved with how people work on GraphQL projects.

Testing GraphQL

Oct 08 2018

[VIDEO] Teams that adopt GraphQL see it become a powerful, yet critical part of how their applications work. The schemas that power these apps act as an important agreement between servers and clients. So how do you support such an important piece of infrastructure? With tests of course! This talk will be a deep dive into how to test the Apollo Platform, giving you the security you need to go into production.

A Hands-On Look at Apollo GraphQL

May 31 2018

[VIDEO] A practical walkthrough of getting up and running with Apollo GraphQL, including using the newly released Apollo Server 2.0.

GraphQL at the Edge

May 08 2018

[SLIDES] Talk given for GraphQL NYC on May 8, 2018. Discussing the future of Apollo Server and how to push it to the edge.

Make Coding Fun

Oct 05 2017

I love puzzles. I love memes. Stick figures are the peak of my artistic abilities. These are the reasons I love coding.